What is Eco Tim's?

The world, Mediterranean seas and Port Andratx specifically are our home and we are working to keep it as stunning as it has ever been.

We aim to be as responsible as possible with our environment. Nature is part of Tim's beauty and we are making an effort to transform onto more onto more sustainable working methods.

A project that aims to make ourselves, as a running restaurant, more operative-environmentally friendly.

Below you will find some of the small changes that we have been implementing.

From plastic to PLA (Bioplastic), Sugarcane & Paper

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to transition to eco-friendly packaging. All our takeaway and merchandise items are crafted in Europe using bioplastic PLA and 25% sugarcane, making them not only environmentally friendly but also 100% recyclable.

From Chemicals to Ozone

Washing food products with ozonized water enables disinfection without altering organoleptic conditions and without leaving chemical residues. Ozonized water, as a potent antimicrobial agent, eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi from all types of foods.

From common cleaning methods to Spectank

The Spectank system is a cleaning solution that contains a non-corrosive, harmless, and environmentally friendly liquid. The Carbsolve detergent is soaked with kitchen utensils, effectively removing carbon blockages caused by grease and oil deposits.